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DETECT A WIDE RANGE OF CONTAMINANTS IN WELL AND TAP WATER: This at home drinking water test kit contains highly sensitive and accurate rapid tests available for lead, bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, pH, hardness, chlorine, and more!

EPA LEVEL LEAD DETECTION: Each of our water tester tests detects contaminants down to the EPA Action Level for Lead – and every water hardness test kit is extensively lab-proved as highly accurate and reliable.

THE MOST SENSITIVE WATER LEAD TEST KIT AVAILABLE: Our rapid lead test detects lead in water down to 7.8 parts per billion – no other water tester for drinking water, well water, and tap water has such sensitive detection.

EASY TO USE, SIMPLE AND QUICK: Our easy to follow instructions for this water quality test kit were written to be as simple as possible – every test can be run quickly in just minutes. Test results for this water testing kit are easy to read, and provide definitive answers.

DONT TRUST YOUR WATER: Lead in water contamination happens in USA cities too often. Our test kit for drinking water is trusted by governments, universities, and tens of thousands of families around the country.



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Pittsburgh Downplays the Threat of Lead-Contaminated Drinking Water.

In 2017, the Water and Sewer Authority in Pittsburgh issued a warning for residents to boil their drinking water first, even for brushing teeth and washing dishes. City officials are accused of misleading residents as to the risk.

Flint Michigan’s Drinking Water Harms Children.

In 2018, when 57 of 86 Detroit public schools tested positive for elevated levels of lead, the government confirmed that children could suffer permanent brain damage, which often results in learning disabilities and violent behavior.

Lead-Contamination in Milwaukee’s Drinking Water Since 2015 Continues.

From 2015 to 2017 the children of families living in Milwaukee were testing positive for elevated levels of lead. Even after the health commissioner resigned for failing to notify the community of the risk, the “serious failure” persists.

Well Water, Too

Rural areas that receive their water from wells contain some of the most contaminated water sources. Microorganisms and toxic chemicals seep into water supplies. People are advised to use a well water testing kit regularly, as new contaminants invade groundwater with little to no oversight or enforcement.


These days, most government officials agree that it’s nearly impossible to completely avoid contaminated drinking water. The biggest questions are which chemicals, and to what degree. The fact that both information and management of these systems are controlled by people in politics is a disturbing factor.


Aging water systems, contaminated runoff that introduces human and animal waste, and industrial chemicals are just three of the actors influencing drinking water quality—and the impact is growing greater every day. Chemical spills, toxic substances, people living more densely; the depth of the problem is yet to be fully realized.

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    • WATERSAFE® LEAD TEST has been validated by EPA-certified laboratories 
    • WATERSAFE® LEAD TEST is trusted by professionals, universities, governments, and thousands of families
    • Developed & Manufactured in the USA – Buy from the company that developed and manufactured this novel test kit
    • Beware of imitations – do not buy from some shady LLC
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ January 31, 2022
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Silver Lake Research

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