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DETECT A WIDE RANGE OF CONTAMINANTS IN WELL AND TAP WATER: This at home drinking water test kit contains highly sensitive and accurate rapid tests available for lead, bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, pH, hardness, chlorine, and more!

EPA LEVEL LEAD DETECTION: Each of our water tester tests detects contaminants down to the EPA Action Level for Lead – and every water hardness test kit is extensively lab-proved as highly accurate and reliable.

THE MOST SENSITIVE WATER LEAD TEST KIT AVAILABLE: Our rapid lead test detects lead in water down to 7.8 parts per billion – no other water tester for drinking water, well water, and tap water has such sensitive detection.

EASY TO USE, SIMPLE AND QUICK: Our easy to follow instructions for this water quality test kit were written to be as simple as possible – every test can be run quickly in just minutes. Test results for this water testing kit are easy to read, and provide definitive answers.

DONT TRUST YOUR WATER: Lead in water contamination happens in USA cities too often. Our test kit for drinking water is trusted by governments, universities, and tens of thousands of families around the country.



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Product Details

When to use it

    • Water from private wells is not tested by any government authorities, so you need to test it yourself
    • Water quality can change suddenly, especially in case of flooding or natural disasters
    • Summer is the most dangerous time for bacteria. It grows quickly in warm water
    • Fertilizer use and agricultural runoff far away can affect you water
    • Lead and copper can leach from pipes and plumbing inside and outside of your house
    • Your local water system cannot check for lead inside your house, it is up to you to do it
    • Lead poisoning can be a very serious problem for pregnant women and young children
    • Iron toxicity can cause Diarrhea, brain damage, DNA damage and cancer. Stomach pain, Headaches, liver damage
    • High levels of copper may cause nausea, diarrhea, kidney and liver damage, especially dangerous for infants and children.
    • Lead is very dangerous and hazardous to anyone, but especially pregnant women, small babies and children, causing brain development and other neurological damage. 
    • You can’t taste or smell E coli, Lead or other contaminants. 
    • Going somewhere and not sure about water quality? Make sure it is safe for you and your family. Wherever you are, other country, state or city, TAP water or drinking fountain, ice machine or tap water in the hotel lobby. Get peace of mind – quick results right on the spot.

Buy from the trusted manufacturer

    • WATERSAFE is trusted by professionals, universities, governments, and thousands of families
    • Developed & Manufactured in the USA – Buy from the company that developed and manufactured this novel test kit
    • Beware of imitations – do not buy from some shady LLC

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Comprehensive testing: Detects a wide range of contaminants, including 9 key contaminants. From the most dangerous, like Lead and Bacteria, to Iron, Copper, Chlorine and Nitrates. Protect your loved ones, especially kids and pregnant women, from the toxic effects of water contamination. 

At-home convenience: Suitable for use with any kind of drinking water – Whether it’s TAP or WELL water. Get lab accuracy test results without ever leaving your home. No matter where you go, get reliable information on the quality of the water. It’s simple enough for anyone to use with nothing to ship.

Cost-effective: Save time and money compared to laboratory tests! With Watersafe® Drinking Water Test Kit, you don’t need to shell out your hard-earned cash on costly lab tests and shipping costs. Get lab accuracy in an easy at-home test!

Revolutionary immunoassay technology: Our proprietary technology is sensitive even to low levels of contaminants like Lead – 5 ppb – 3X lower than the EPA’s action level and bacteria – 1 bacteria per ml -more accurate than cheap color change tests.

Trust by professionals – WATERSAFE has been trusted by universities, governments, researchers across the world. Made in the USA with the highest quality standards.

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Included Components Lead Test, Bacteria Test, Nitrate + Nitrite Test, Chlorine + pH + Total Hardness Test
Model Number WS425C
Number of Items 1
Size 1 LB
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UNSPSC Code 41110000
UPC 808112764748 , 664733118014 , 132017518022 , 807034599056 , 664733010189 , 885710986529 , 781147165561 , 806294988518 , 885488095331 , 885401254616 , 885890487984 , 700999882204 , 885205472483 , 885237456864 , 722544820127 , 163121151287 , 809390007305 , 885393962421 , 885697660511
Warranty Description One Year Expiration Date

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