Drinking Fountain Detective Kit

Drinking Fountain Detective Kit

Price: $79.95

Be the first to test the drinking fountains at your school for the toxic metal, lead (Pb)! This project lets you check for this hidden hazard in drinking water with a simple, easy-to-use test kit developed by scientists at Silver Lake Research.

Lead (Pb++) is a heavy metal. Chronic exposure to even very low levels of lead can result in learning disabilities, muscle and bone disorders, and kidney damage.

Product Description:

Test the drinking fountains at your school and find out if they have lead levels above the EPA action level. This kit contains the world's first and only rapid immunoassay test strips that can detect picomolar quantities of  dissolved lead in a one-step procedure with a naked-eye readout.

Each Watersafe® Drinking Fountain Detective Kit contains everything you need to test 12 drinking fountains for lead.

  • Get lab-accurate results in 10 minutes - with no hazardous chemicals to mix or touch
  • Individually packaged, single-use test kits fit in your pocket
        • Our ready-to-use data sheet helps you record your results quickly and efficiently - simply type in your data and print out your results
  • We make reports easy! An interactive CD includes:
        • Data recording/presentation template
        • Background information on lead in drinking water
        • Other helpful links
        • Sampling/testing instructions

For Parents and Families:

  • Lead can leach into drinking water from corroding pipes and plumbing fixtures - anywhere in the distribution system. One fountain may be clean, and the neighboring one contaminated. The only way to tell is to check each fountain.



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