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Test your tap water. Buy a home-testing kit. MOST DIY tests provide strips small vials that change color for easy-to-read results. Look for one that measures bacteria, nitrate, lead, and chlorine, such as WaterSafe's“ (City Water Test Kit).

Tap water can contain more than 90 contaminants - some harmless, some downright scary. Find out whether you have cause for concern by testing with Silverlake Research’s WaterSafe All-in-one Kit. It measures levels of bacteria, chlorine, lead, nitrates, and pesticides, all calibrated to EPA standards, and is easier than mailing water samples to a lab.

It's important to identify the contaminants in your water before buying treatment equipment, since it could mean the difference between paying around $30 for a filter pitcher that takes out just chlorine, copper, lead and mercury -- or up to $6,000 to treat water from a contaminated well.

Is tap water tasty or toxic? We ran two sources through a new, low-price home test kit, then double-checked with a professional lab to see if you can really chem-class your way to aquatic confidence in your own kitchen.

Find out which contaminants are flowing through your pipes with the WaterSafe® Home Drinking Water Test. A chart tells you if they exceed standard levels.

WaterSafe® Drinking Water Test... This home kit lets you find what's lurking in your water in just 10 minutes.

If your water comes from your town's supply and it's discolored or tastes strange, you may want to test it for lead or copper. First, call your water supplier... otherwise, you can buy an individual test, such as WaterSafe® Lead Test.

WaterSafe® Home Drinking Water Test... The single use kit costs $19.95 and measures levels of nitrites, nitrates, chlorine and certain pesticides.

Consumers are embarking on their own efforts to ensure safe drinking water at home. California's Silver Lake Research sells tests that give consumers immediate results. Its WaterSafe® all-in-one package, which tests for lead, pesticides, and E. coli bacteria, costs $19.95.

...U.S. geography dictates that a mass-market product be multifunctional... WaterSafe® meets all those requirements. It can detect seven types of contaminants, from chlorine to traces of bacteria like E. coli.

Look for a kit that checks for EPA-regulated contaminants like Silver Lake Research's WaterSafe® Drinking Water Test.

If the hassle and expense of sending of shipping your water to a state certified lab has stopped you from finding out whether your H2O includes some unwelcome contaminants, try a home testing kit, such as the one made by WaterSafe®.

Silver Lake Research of Monrovia, California has recently introduced a product that makes home water testing fast, simple and inexpensive. It's eight in one WaterSafe® test kit can detect pollutants in concentrations measured in parts per billion-up to a thousand times more sensitive than other in-home tests.

It's time to test your home drinking water.

  • "Find out which contaminants are flowing through your pipes with the WaterSafe Home Drinking Water Test." - Health Magazine

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