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We develop test kits that empower people.

At Silver Lake Research, we develop unique antibodies, immunoassays, and point-of-care diagnostics for our commercial partners as well as our own product portfolio. We bring leading edge design, development, and manufacturing capabilities together in one place at our Southern California facilities.

Human Diagnostics

Our HemoTypeSCTM test allows physicians or healthcare workers to diagnose sickle cell disease from a small drop of blood in less than ten minutes.

Animal Health

Our RapidBacTM Vet test allows veterinarians to check for harmful bacterial infections without having to send samples to an outside lab, and at a fraction of the cost.

Food Safety

Our MeatsafeTM diagnostic test allows farmers and ranchers to ensure their cattle are free of antibiotics.

Environmental Testing

Our pool and spa test kits are used by major leisure and recreation companies, including Disney Cruise Lines.

It's time to test your home drinking water.

  • "Find out which contaminants are flowing through your pipes with the WaterSafe Home Drinking Water Test." - Health Magazine

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    WaterSafe test kits are validated by EPA-certified laboratories, vetted by experts in the field, and widely trusted for highly accurate results.

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